Couple Accidentally Gets Entire Commercial Flight to Themselves: "A Taste of the Good Life!"

Couple Accidentally Gets Entire Commercial Flight to Themselves: "A Taste of the Good Life!"


And now it's going to be hard to go back to the old way.

It's only rich and famous celebrities like Taylor Swift and Erika Girardi who get to experience the luxury of flying private, right? Wrong.

A U.K. couple have just become the latest to luck into an accidental private commercial flight: Kyle McNicol and Carrie Fisher were beyond stoked to learn they were the only two passengers on their flight between Krabi, Thailand and Penang, Malaysia. Carrie wrote on her blog....

"On arrival at Krabi airport we made our way to the check in desk and handed over our passports, we were shocked to hear, 'Oh very special flight for you today.'" They were about to find out just how special.

"Didn’t think anything of it until we reached customs and the two guys checking our passports started laughing and saying, 'Oh, just you two.'" she wrote. "Turns out that we were about to board the flight and fly solo! We were escorted by a lovely lady to our own bus, which in turn took us to our private plane."


"The next hour and 10 minutes passed quickly, we spent the time seat hopping," she wrote. "It was one of the best flights I’ve ever been on, and the staff though awkward at first, it was the first time that this had happened to them too, were brilliant. Stepping off the plane in Penang the ground staff all started laughing at us too, and another lady escorted us to immigration, where again they laughed and asked us about our solo flight. Feeling like VIP’s, I was shocked that someone didn’t collect our two lonely bags off the carousel for us. Kyle’s going to need some luck now that I’ve had a taste of the good life."

While this couple may be the latest to luck into such a cool private flight experience, it does happen from time to time: One Chinese woman got a 737 all to herself earlier this year!

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What would you do if you had an entire jet to yourself?

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