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Category: News

Category: News

Brad Pitt Shock: Actor Reportedly Traveling With Angelina Jolie After He ‘Reunited’ With Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shocked everyone when they announced their decision to divorce in Sept. 2016. Aside from irreconcilable differences, reports have it that the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” stars broke up after the actor and his son, Maddox, 18, had an altercation on a plane. Brad, allegedly, got drunk and “went wild” on a flight with Angelina and their children.

Guy straps into falling helicopter to prove Neil deGrasse Tyson wrong

There aren’t many people who’d strap themselves into a plummeting helicopter voluntarily, but apparently when you really, really love science, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to demonstrate the laws of physics.
Or, at least, that’s Destin’s excuse over at YouTube channel Smarter Every Day, as he puts his life on the line, all to prove Neil deGrasse Tyson wrong…

F-15 Quick Takeoff And Insane Vertical Climb!

F-15 Eagle is a jet that displays many amazing talents over the course of its 40-year service. Among those talents is its ability to climb vertically, which has helped it to become such a reliable dogfighter and scramble into action. The impressive climb time is attributed to a research team at Pratt & Whitney who wanted to make the best combat jet in the world.

“When we think of our current customers, they operate in some of the most dangerous areas of the world. Records are great, but the key is that our F100 engine helps defend freedom all around the world, every day. That’s what’s really important.”

Top 10 Amazing Air Stunts that Saved Lives

From the moment Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully tested their first flying machine, the world has been fascinated by pioneer pilots who helped bring about the aviation age. While you have heard of pioneers and history-makers, you probably have not heard much about pilots who were just doing their job. Many pilots went well beyond their ordinary abilities and performed amazing feats in order to save doomed planes. These unsung heroes were pilots who did something more important than simply change history—they saved lives, in these cases…