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Category: Politics

Category: Politics

What’s really going on with the Trump regime’s deranged handling of emergency medical supplies

Thanks to years of watching Donald Trump in action, we all know what incompetence looks like. Thanks to Trump, we also know what it looks like when the President of the United States is running a corrupt con game. But when you look at the chaotically, self-contradictorily incoherent manner in which the Trump regime is handling emergency medical supplies, I would suggest that we’re looking at something else entirely.

Chris Wallace rips Donald Trump’s idiot Surgeon General to shreds

As Donald Trump’s coronavirus crisis has continued to worsen, his handpicked Surgeon General Jerome Adams keeps finding new ways to embarrass himself. Either Adams is an idiot in his own right, or he’s decided to go ahead and portray himself as an idiot in order to remain on Trump’s good side. Either way, it came to a head today when Adams appeared on Fox News with host Chris Wallace.

Ben Stiller slams Donald Trump

People with sense can adjust their behavior while considering many things and situations, especially during a pandemic crisis. There are people with sense and there is “president” Donald Trump. He is not only a hate-filled, ridiculous man, but he’s an evil, dangerous projectionist.
Coronavirus is just that: a virus. It knows no color, age, social standing, sexual orientation, or politics.