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11 Highest Paying Countries for Pilots

An airline pilot is one of the most in-demand jobs currently in the world, as evidenced by the 11 highest paying countries for pilots.

Becoming a pilot is no easy feat. It requires nerves of steel, as you are in charge of a large piece of metal flying thousands of feet in the air at a speed of several hundred miles an hour.

Add the fact that there are often over a hundred people in a commercial plane, it makes sense that nerves are an extremely important part of this job.

11. Switzerland

Annual salary: $56,549

10. Kuwait

Annual salary: $59,721

9. Sweden

Annual salary: $62,141

8. Japan

Annual salary: $62,912

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7. United States of America

Annual salary: $63,739

6. Italy

Annual salary: $72,603

5. Australia

Annual salary: $74,488

4. United Kingdom

Annual salary: $91,404

3. Hong Kong

Annual salary: $99,177

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2. United Arab Emirates

Annual salary: $116,362

1. Bahrain

Annual salary: $159,164

Look at this beautiful house for sale in the Philadelphia suburbs. Looks great for a family!

sex house listing

OK, the kitchen is a little dated, but great space and light.

sex house listing

High ceilings, fireplace… Wonderful.

sex house listing

Great space for entertaining!

sex house listing

Nice size master bedroom… It has its own fireplace!

sex house listing

Ooh! A gym! Wonderful.

sex house listing


sex house listing


sex house listing


sex house listing


sex house listing


sex house listing

Yes, it’s a fucking sex house. The 5-bedroom, 2.5-bath home just went on the market, and yes, the furniture — sex swing and all — is included in the $750,000 listing price.

“Total suburban beautiful home,” the listing’s realtor Melissa Leonard told BuzzFeed News. “But the twist is it has this sex oasis in the basement.”

According to Leonard, the owner lived there with his family for years, until his wife died and he moved with his family to Philadelphia. In the meantime, he set up the house as an Airbnb to rent out over the last few months.

The Airbnb listing is titled “Maison XS – Just Be You” and has photos of the “underground adult room” with moody lighting. The Airbnb rents for $750 per night (yes, there is also a $250 cleaning fee, which seems exceedingly reasonable).

Maple Glen, where the home is located, is a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia with good schools and fewer than 10,000 residents. The sex house is located on a private street with just two other neighbors. Leonard is not sure what the neighbors think of the sex house, or if they know at all.

The home listing went viral on social media within hours of showing up on real estate site Redfin. Leonard is delighted by the attention and hoping for a buyer who sees a unique opportunity. “The big question I get from other realtors is, ‘How did you keep a straight face?'” she said.


The mystery of how the neighbors feel has been resolved. In an interview with Slate, realtor Melissa Leonard was interrupted by an angry neighbor. Slate’s Dan Kois, on the other end of the phone, overheard this: sex house listing

Amazingly Affordable Active Florida Properties!

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