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MYSTERIOUS HIEROGLYPHS: Evidence Of Otherworldly Technology Seen On Egyptian Temple!


One of the most fascinating ancient civilizations that have scholars and researchers drool all over is the famous Ancient Egypt. The wonders and enigmas it holds is truly mindblowing and has made us all question history and how we should consider rewritting our history books to add all the new findings and little details discovered as time goes by.

The mysterious constructions and how they were managed is something indeed extraordinary. We have the The Great Pyramid and it’s unknown purposes, the famous Sphinx of Giza and it’s enigmatic appearance, among many others.

But one truly enigmatic piece left by the ancient Egyptians is the mysterious hieroglyphs, which were only deciphered after explorers found the Rosetta stone allowing translation and understand of mysterious writtings.

But one mysterious hieroglyphic slab, is the one found on the temple of Seti I.

It features what appears like “Flying Machines” which could hint ancient super advanced technology.

What could be the meaning behind these mysterious symbols?

Watch the following video to know more!

Glider Crash

This is why we check ALL of our controls before flight!


Not cool!

Now THAT’s A short takeoff for a giant! Nice!

FYI: Ilopango International Airport (ICAO: MSSS) is an airport located on the eastern part of the city of San Salvador, El Salvador.

27 Glorious Years ( Concorde documentary )

27 Glorious Years ( Concorde documentary ) | Loungtastic

Amazing! Check out the footage…

Rescue attempt

WATCH: B1 Lancer Full Speed Roll !! | Loungtastic

Officials say man who stole plane was suicidal

Amazing night time departure of Antonov AN-225 with the exhausts glowing red


10 Most Impressive Fireworks Displays in the World | Loungtastic

Fireworks Airplane

Fireworks have been used for centuries across the globe as a form of celebration, dating back to 7th century China when they were believed to be invented. Every year fireworks displays around the world seem to get bigger and better. From Hong Kong’s $8 million display to Paris’ Bastille Day celebration fireworks that center around the Eiffel Tower, these are the 15 best fireworks displays around the world, including some of our favorite spots to watch fireworks this July 4th.

A father and daughter were kicked off a plane after allegedly making remarks on how miserable the flight attendants looked…

Kicked off airline flight

Eric and Whitney Miller, who were flying on a Frontier Airlines, were booted from the flight as they were heading from Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday. According to News6, the Millers say they were engaging in a private conversation expressing their displeasure with the airlines following an eight-hour plane delay.

But Frontier Airlines said that the two were shouting profanities at the flight attendants.


In a video uploaded online, the family is seen in a confrontation with the crew as they’re being taken off the flight.

“They would lean over the back of the chair in front of us, get their face right up to here and they would simply ask, ‘Do we have a problem?'” Eric Miller said.

The Alaska bush pilot on display! | Loungtastic Alaska Bush Pilot

This is the life!

Aviation FIRST! Flying Lions Chained Aircraft! | Loungtastic

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