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Donald Trump tried to kill the NFL but ended up killing his friend Vince McMahon’s XFL instead

XFL is over forever because of trump.

How close are Donald Trump and WWE boss Vince McMahon? McMahon’s wife was in Trump’s cabinet for two years. So when Vince McMahon announced he was relaunching the XFL to compete with the NFL, it started to make more sense why Trump had put so much effort into using his presidency to attack and smear the NFL.

Donald Trump’s dishonest and negligent mishandling of the coronavirus crisis has resulted in every major sports league in the United States shutting down operations, including the NFL. But the XFL, being a newer and smaller and more fragile league, announced today that it’s laying off 100% of its employees and has no plans to come back in 2021.

In other words, the NFL will survive this current crisis, but Trump’s buddy Vince McMahon’s XFL is done. Even when Donald Trump corruptly tries to help out his buddies, he still ends up screwing them them.

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