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Donald Trump’s “Ivanka and Jared” council just went up in flames

Blind leading the blind

Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force has been an utter failure, because Trump has insisted on doing stupid things instead of listening to the experts on it, and titular task force head Mike Pence has been siding with Trump over the experts. Earlier this week Trump proposed launching a new task force to try to distract from the failure of the existing task force.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the announcement of the new “Council to Reopen America” didn’t go over particularly well. The proposed members included his daughter Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, his idiot Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, his half-dead Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and some other hilariously unqualified people.

After the overwhelmingly negative reaction, there were scattered media reports yesterday that the council might be revamped to focus on church leaders instead, which made just as little sense; why would churches be making decisions about when the country reopens?

But this evening MSNBC is reporting that the “Ivanka and Jared” council is now being scrapped entirely. So this goes down as yet another ugly Trump threat that never even got off the ground, because we loudly laughed at him for even suggesting it, instead of cowering to him and assuming that he was going to get away with it.

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