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David Pecker just threw Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Hope Hicks under the bus in Donald Trump’s criminal trial


Earlier today former National Enquirer boss David Pecker delivered a body blow to Donald Trump. Pecker testified that his own attorneys informed him that he was likely violating the law by conspiring with Trump to bury the Karen McDougal story, and that he informed Trump’s attorney of this – yet Trump wanted to go through with it anyway. This helps prove criminal intent on Trump’s part, and it’s why he’s going to be convicted.

But now it turns out there’s more. Pecker testified this afternoon that at one point he had a conference call with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Hope Hicks, and they both told Pecker that they thought Pecker should extend the exclusivity contract to keep the McDougal story buried. Both women were working in the Trump White House at the time.

This is turning into a massive criminal coverup, going far wider than just Donald Trump. Hope Hicks is reportedly a witness for the prosecution in this trial. We’ll see if it turns out prosecutors have cut a non-prosecution deal with her (similar to the one that Pecker is operating under) in exchange for her full testimony. As for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is now the Governor of Arkansas, it’s not clear what’ll happen to her. But the testimony of Hicks, Pecker, and Michael Cohen should be enough to absolutely bury Trump.

Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary Sean Spicer was so awful, he’s still remembered for his lies about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. Trump’s second White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was even worse, to the point that a restaurant once refused to serve her and her family.

Trump’s third White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham was on the job for ten months and she held zero press briefings. The job could have been held by a rotten potato and the result would have been the same. We’re soon going to be looking back at Grisham’s tenure as the good old days, because at least we never had to hear from her.

Donald Trump’s fourth White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has already demonstrated, through her hilariously failed stint at CNN and her recent tenure as Trump’s campaign press secretary, that she’s even more dishonest than Spicer and even more of a jerk than Huckabee Sanders. She’s also a racist birther to boot. But there’s another reason why we’re going to come to despise her so much.

Grisham literally wasn’t doing the job. She was just a placeholder, an excuse not to have press briefings. The only reason Donald Trump’s new Chief of Staff Mark Meadows would make a change like this is that he intends for McEnany to actually hold briefings of some kind. We’re all going to end up wishing Grisham was still on the job, her status as a rotten potato notwithstanding.

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