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Donald Trump’s stooge Ron DeSantis is circling the drain

If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. If you lie down with Donald Trump, you get what you deserve. That’s the lesson we keep seeing play out across the political landscape. Yet no matter how many of Trump’s advisers, underlings, and political allies end up losing everything because of their association with him, new lemmings just keep lining up to take the fall for him.

The latest Donald Trump career implosion has come courtesy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a guy who was only the Republican nominee for Governor because Trump insisted on it, and whose surprise “victory” in the 2018 election is suspicious to say the least. DeSantis is more or less stuck with Trump, which is rapidly turning into bad news for DeSantis.

Even as various governors around the nation have seen their stock improve because they’ve handled the coronavirus crisis well, Ron DeSantis has become the laughingstock of the nation. He refused to shut down Spring Break, then he then waited far too long to shut the state down entirely, and sure enough, he made the coronavirus crisis in Florida far worse than it needed to be.

Now DeSantis is insisting he’s going to prematurely reopen Florida’s schools, because he claims no one under the age of twenty-five has died from coronavirus anyway. The thing is, this is flat out false; people of all ages have been dying. Even if this were true, who would teach the schools? Who would serve food in the cafeterias? It’s almost as if DeSantis has no brain at all.

Now the Tampa Bay Times newspaper is reporting that Ron DeSantis’ popularity and approval rating are taking a big hit, both in Florida and nationwide, because of how idiotically he’s been handling all of this. DeSantis seemed to think that sticking with a sinking Donald Trump would somehow save him in all this. Instead, predictably, Trump and DeSantis are dragging each other down.


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