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President Obama to the rescue

Obama for the save!

Look! What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s not superman. It’s President Barack Obama. Yeah, that’s a little hokey, but how else to adequately describe the extreme anticipation of his appearance, the first sighting of him coming out in support of his former Vice President, Joe Biden? Everywhere you look these days one outlet or another is speculating as to when Barack Obama will appear to voice his support for Biden in the 2020 election. Displaying his usual ignorance, “president” Donald Trump took to the podium to give his reasoning for why President Obama hasn’t already endorsed Joe Biden. He offensively told reporters that “Obama must know something about ‘Sleepy Joe’ that we all don’t know.” He then proclaimed that Bernie Sanders’ supporters love Trump and will all be voting for Trump. What a delusional buffoon. As David Axelrod said on NPR, President Obama did not want to influence the primary by coming out for any of the candidates, including Joe Biden, while the contest was still taking place. In fact, Obama has been silent due to his pledge to not interfere. According to Politico, he made one exception to his pledge when he weighed in on left versus centrist. While some may see this as him speaking against Sanders, the outcome of the primary vote merely proved him correct.

Politico further points out that President Obama’s role in the primary race has always been and continues to be efforts at uniting the party, which was needed regardless of the outcome, and Politico believes that we will see President Obama soon. While many closest to Obama opposed Sanders, calling him “a spent force, a mistake that many observers made at the time,” Obama continued to remain quiet on his feelings. Many pushed him to speak, and even though some knew which candidate he preferred, he felt that he could not choose sides and continued to remain on the outside looking in.

President Obama “played a role in nudging things in Biden’s direction,” assisting former candidates in coalescing around Biden. One anonymous adviser said that Obama “was talking to Biden regularly in that period.” Though he doesn’t know specifically what Obama said to Biden, the adviser said, “but you can speculate! It’s noteworthy that he called Klobuchar and others right when they got out.”

If all of this is true, “president” Donald Trump is, once again, wrong, and President Obama is now free to do all he can to help Joe Biden take the White House in November. Technically, he is “former” President Obama, but until we get another real president, there is nothing wrong with referring to him as what he is: President Barack Obama. Take that, Trump.

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