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Stephen Miller goes berserk

How defeated is Donald Trump right now? During his press conference yesterday he came off as having no idea what to say and not wanting to be there, amid reports that his failing campaign has pulled the plug on its advertising.

This is usually the time when underlings step up and try to carry the load. Unfortunately for Trump, that underling is Stephen Miller.

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Stephen Miller, a guy so toxic that even coronavirus apparently didn’t want him, is now trying to help his boss Donald Trump by… attacking remarks that President Obama made at a funeral? Wait, that can’t be right. And yet it is. Miller is insisting that Obama’s remarks were “shockingly political” in nature.

Really? If Stephen Miller knew anything about John Lewis, he’d know that Lewis would have wanted it precisely that way. Then again, considering how openly racist Miller is, he probably hasn’t heard of John Lewis. Sheesh.

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