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Donald Trump’s attorney just stepped in it badly while trying to cross examine David Pecker

Former National Enquirer boss David Pecker spent the past few days delivering one body blow after another to Donald Trump, exposing how he and Trump conspired to rig the 2016 election by strategically publishing fake news stories and strategically burying real news stories. By the time Pecker was done testifying on Thursday afternoon, Trump was already toast. Then it became Trump’s defense attorney’s job to try to undo it all – but as everyone knows, there’s no such thing as unmaking toast.

Instead Trump’s attorney made things far worse for his client. The attorney handed Pecker a document that he claimed would refresh Pecker’s memory of a certain meeting. But then it turned out there was nothing in the document that even addressed the meeting.

The judge then informed Trump’s attorney after the fact that he’ll have to inform the jury first thing tomorrow morning that Trump’s attorney blew it. Legal expert Harry Litman says that this is going to further cut into Trump’s legal team’s fading credibility – and he’s right. The jury already saw the judge have to repeatedly set Trump’s attorney straight during his opening statement. Now it’s getting even more ugly for Trump’s legal team. And of course this serves to erode Trump’s own credibility in the eyes of the jury.

Donald Trump isn’t just denying New York City the emergency medical equipment it needs, he’s almost gloating about it. We’re watching a man essentially commit the mass murder of New Yorkers, and then brag about it on television each day. There’s an aspect of this that’s being overlooked, and shouldn’t be.

For several months, there has been a well-documented grand jury in New York that’s in the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump on state charges. Grand jury proceedings are secret by default, but this one became public when the grand jury subpoenaed Donald Trump’s tax returns, and the recipient of the subpoena leaked it, and Trump went into court to try to delay the subpoena.

We have no way of knowing when the indictment will come down. It could be before or after the election. New York prosecutors have been tight lipped about their plan, and again, grand jury proceedings are secret by default. But this grand jury is going to end up indicting Trump with or without his tax returns, because based on the publicly available evidence from people like Michael Cohen alone, there’s already far more than enough evidence necessary for an indictment. And again, Trump knows this, because he’s in court fighting to keep the grand jury from getting even more evidence against him.

There is a clear difference in intelligence and self control #JoeBiden2024

Donald Trump knows that if he loses the election, New York will arrest him on state charges and put him on criminal trial. Now put this information within the context of Trump’s decision to deny New York the life saving medical supplies it needs. We all know he’s precisely the kind of psychopath who would let New Yorkers die out of pure spite over the fact that the state is waiting to take him down.

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