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Welcome to “Bleed Air”

Engine bleed air has a variety of uses on modern aircraft.

For decades, aircraft have used engine bleed air for a variety of purposes, spanning everything from engine starting to cabin pressurization to anti-icing. Here’s how engine bleed air works.

Hot, High-Pressure Air

When air enters a turbine engine, it goes through a series of compressors, which significantly increase the air temperature and pressure before mixing that air with fuel and igniting it. A small portion of that compressed air, however, does not enter the combustion chamber and instead is redirected from the engine via valves, ducting and manifolds to various other areas of the aircraft. This engine bleed air is very hot, between 200 to 250 degrees C, and very high in pressure, around 40 psi.”

Cabin Pressurization and Air Conditioning

Because the air at high altitudes is too thin to meet human oxygen needs, engine bleed air is used to provide appropriate cabin pressurization as well as air conditioning. After leaving the engine and passing through the air-conditioning pack, where it is cooled, this bleed air is combined with recirculated cabin air before it enters the cabin.


High-temperature bleed air is routed to the leading edges of the wing and empennage, as well as to key engine components such as the inlet guide, where it serves as a safeguard against ice accumulation.

Water and Hydraulic System Pressurization

Engine bleed air is used to provide the pressurization needed for the water and hydraulic system reservoirs. Such pressurization propels drinking water from the holding tank to the cabin and ensures the smooth flow of hydraulic fluid to the pump inlet in the absence of sufficient atmospheric pressure at high altitudes.

Engine Start

High-pressure bleed air from the auxiliary power unit, a non-thrust-producing engine often located in the rear of the aircraft, provides the pneumatic energy required to start the blade rotation in a main engine.

Thinking about becomming a pilot?

Decide what you want to fly. FAA’s rules for getting a pilot’s license (certificate) differ depending on the type of aircraft you fly. You can choose among airplanes, gyroplanes, helicopters, gliders, balloons, or airships. If you are interested in flying ultralight vehicles, you don’t need a pilot’s license.

You should also think about what type of flying you want to do. There are several different types of pilot’s licenses, from student pilot all the way up to airline transport pilot. The information below describes the eligibility, training, experience, and testing requirements for Student Pilots, Recreational Pilots and Private Pilots.

Are you serious about becoming a pilot? Don’t delay it another day!

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If you didn’t find what you need above, please contact your nearest FAA Flight Standards District Office. For information on piloting careers, including job outlook and rates of pay, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Model Insists On Flying Naked

Flying is a terrifying experience for many people. They worry about having a bumpy flight, if the plane is going to crash, and why we have to be up so high. Even if you never enjoyed it, flying with a naked beautiful woman might make me start to enjoy it a little more.  

In the video Gyrocopter Girl, an attractive, completely nude woman decides to take to the skies and enjoy the scenery. Well, she isn’t the only one enjoying the beautiful views. I’ve been in a convertible before traveling at a high rate of speed and while I did enjoy the window blowing against my face, I can’t imagine what kind of sensation it is to feel the wind blowing on a pair of fantastic tits.

The woman flies with such ease, you have to think she’s done this before. I don’t know if this place offers tours or not, but I’d be willing to pay more for the naked pilot package. Though, I will admit I would have a hard time paying attention to the scenery and would constantly be asking if I could see the cockpit.

Flying can be such a stressful experience. I would think that having a gorgeous pair of naked boobs at the control would calm me down a great deal. Maybe this is something all the major airlines should consider?

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