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What we’ve learned from that angry passenger asked ‘Is it because I am black?’

An airline passenger was barred from a flight and reported to police after an angry outburst that left a Ryanair boarding attendant in tears.

The man claimed he was a victim of ‘mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners.’ 

The mobile phone footage, shot by the angry customer, shows him heckling a Ryanair staff member at Belgium’s Brussels Airport.

The attendant, referred to as Sabrina in the clip, stopped the man from boarding the aircraft because he did not have a pre-printed pass and he didn’t want to pay the �50 charge.


A spokesman for Aviapartner, which manages the check-in at Brussels airport, said: ‘A passenger who had failed to check-in on-line (as required) became disruptive during the boarding of this flight from Brussels to Berlin and refused to pay the Airport Check-in Fee due, distracting the gate agent from her duties and disturbing other passengers.

‘The flight departed on-time, the passenger in question did not travel and has since been reported to the local police.’

The man, who is from Brooklyn, New York and currently lives in in Germany, didn’t back down and demanded to see her supervisor to which she replied that she would call security if he continued his rant.

After a barrage of verbal attacks, which the attendant ignored, she smiled which only infuriated the man more.

He said: ‘That’s the only thing that’s funny. It’s your attitude and it stinks, you have a bad attitude. You have no business working here dealing with customers.’


The ordeal reached breaking point when Sabrina broke down in tears and other passengers jumped to her defence.

‘You’re disturbing everybody,’ one onlooker tells the man.

However the good Samaritan is met with his own barrage of tailor made insults with the man calling him a ‘fatso’ and tells him to ‘get on a treadmill.’

‘You need a break, you donut eating bald piece of crap,’ he added.

A sales manager on the scene named Philipp tried to deescalate the situation but after a few moments of calm conversation the angry man raised his voice again.

Philipp told the MailOnline that the accusations of racism the man made are false.

He said: ‘Any no time there was a smell of racism against him. After I told him that I am an former cop he calmed down.’


The good Samaritan is met with his own barrage of tailor made insults with the man calling him a ‘fats’ and tells him to ‘get on a treadmill.’ Another passenger tries to calm the situation…

Despite the majority of comments being overwhelming in support for the airline employee ‘Prince OfTheUniverse’ maintains he was targeted by Ryanair staff due to his skin colour.

In a retort to the negative comments he garnered he said: ‘All of troll comments are a perfect example of the Point this Video proves.’

A caption with his video read: ‘Is it because I am ‘black’? Mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners, especially so called ‘blacks’ are alive and well as evidenced by this video.’

One viewer wrote: ‘I find it hard to believe that people like you actually exist. You are an awful, awful, awful human being. How do you wake up and deal with knowing that?’

Another simply said:

‘Is it because I am ‘black’? No, it’s because you’re an idiot.’

A Ryanair spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Our handling agent at Brussels Airport, Aviapartner, is looking into this matter. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time.’

In a video uploaded on to the YouTube channel in September 2016 the man accused German police of racism after they tried to remove him from busking on the street.

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