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Donald Trump goes berserk, calls America a third world country, threatens to give our medical supplies to Russia

At this point the only mystery left in Donald Trump’s daily press briefings is what new and deranged thing he’s going to say next.

Today he opened his briefing by threatening to forcibly shut down the House and Senate (hint: he can’t do this), and then appeared to threaten to forcibly shut down states that refuse to reopen (we’re not sure how that would even work). Then he moved on to the truly deranged stuff.

Donald Trump went on a bizarre rant, accusing some nations of getting their coronavirus death tolls wrong because they’re developing nations. Trump then announced that in his book, the United States is a “developing nation.” Trump is apparently unaware that “developing nation” is a term that’s been adopted to replace the older derogatory term “third world country.” That’s right, the President of the United States just stood on stage and literally called the United States a third world country.

At another point during the debacle, Donald Trump repeated his false claim that United States hospitals have enough emergency medical equipment to handle the coronavirus crisis. He then vowed to give our ventilators to a handful of other nations, including Russia. Trump is so openly a Kremlin puppet, he’s threatening to give our lifesaving equipment to Putin just to spite us.


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