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Fox News just delivered some terrible news for Donald Trump

Over the past week various polling outlets showed that Donald Trump’s approval numbers for handling the coronavirus crisis were in the fifties, while his overall approval rating numbers had inched up into the mid to high forties. This caused a lot of people to worry about what might happen in November.

Donald Trump will not win re-election in 2020

As these numbers kept surfacing, Palmer Report strongly advised everyone to ignore them. When a crisis is unfolding, plenty of Americans will say they support a failing President when they don’t, in the hope that giving him a vote of confidence might improve the country’s odds of surviving the crisis. In fact the approval rating bump that Trump has gotten during the coronavirus crisis is quite low compared to the crisis bumps that other modern U.S. Presidents have gotten, a reminder of how deeply unpopular Trump is to begin with.

The number that matters is how Donald Trump is doing against Joe Biden in the polling averages. Throughout this crisis, Biden’s average lead had been ticking slightly upward, to 7.1 points. Now today a new poll from Fox News has Biden up nine points over Trump.

Joe vs. Trump 2020 election

Fox News polling – which includes the entire voting populace and not just its own viewers – usually turns out to be surprisingly accurate, given the network’s overall lack of credibility. This new number is the latest confirmation that Donald Trump isn’t even currently in contention for November. Seven to nine points is a huge blowout lead in a presidential race. Plenty of things can and will change between now and election day. But Trump’s fluctuating approval rating numbers are to be completely ignored during this crisis.


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