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Donald Trump goes completely berserk about his unraveling press conferences

Just how disastrous are Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings? CNN sometimes refuses to begin airing them until after Trump has stopped babbling and the medical experts have begun speaking. MSNBC often cuts away from Trump in order to fact check the false claims he’s making. And Trump’s continued bad poll numbers make clear that he’s not winning any new supporters with these briefings.

Yet Trump appears to view his daily press briefings as his only remaining way of getting his rocks off, at a time when he can’t go golfing, and can’t hold campaign rallies. So he’s taking this utterly bizarre stance:

Of course the part Donald Trump is ignoring, or failing to understand, is that these poll numbers are based on the entirety of the briefings. When people say they find the briefings informative or helpful, they’re most likely referring to the information being given out by people like Dr. Fauci during the briefings. No wonder Trump hates Fauci so much.

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