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Kellyanne Conway has complete meltdown on live national television

Kellyanne Conway has lost all touch with reality

Donald Trump has now decided that the best way to distract everyone from his own negligent mishandling of the coronavirus is to try to blame it all on the World Health Organization. Of course this is a ludicrous argument, so Trump decided to send a ludicrous person like Kellyanne Conway on television to try to amplify it.

Let’s just say that it didn’t exactly go well for Kellyanne Conway. She tried to argue that the WHO should know how to deal with COVID-19 by now, because it’s the nineteenth coronavirus. That’s right, she doesn’t appear to know that COVID-19 was named after the year 2019:

The average American may or may not know the history and nomenclature of the coronavirus. But Kellyanne Conway is speaking on behalf of the White House and the President of the United States, so there’s no excuse for her not to know this. Of course Donald Trump probably doesn’t know it either, so it’s fitting that her meltdown today was in the name of trying to cover for him.

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