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Podcast #38 – (Million Dollar Listing Finale) Festivus For the Restivus!😝😜🏃‍♀️💫🐓 | Loungtastic

final listing deal in Million Dollar Listing and Reunion

This Episode we see the final dinner gathering of all the characters from Million Dollar Listing airing their grievances. MDL is a real estate show that’s been on for 12 years!

Hey everyone, welcome to Loungtastic, a show about all that’s amusing in the world. News, Entertainment, and more!

Listen. Enjoy. Follow!

Amazingly Affordable Active Florida Properties!

251 thoughts on “Podcast #38 – (Million Dollar Listing Finale) Festivus For the Restivus!😝😜🏃‍♀️💫🐓 | Loungtastic

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