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The single biggest threat we’re facing right now

The MAGA audience has gone silent,

Thanksgiving has came early (much like trump supporters)

Donald Trump Loses 2024 Bid - Podcast 54

#54 Donald Trump Loses 2024 Bid – Aw Dammmmn!


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This remarkable construction deserves closer analysis, but first it’s worth understanding the context. Trump infamously described Putin as a “genius” for massing troops on Ukraine’s border. He has repeatedly declined efforts by allies such as Sean Hannity to coax him into condemning the invasion.

His official statements have followed a handful of familiar themes. Russia’s invasion is Joe Biden’s fault (“Putin is playing Biden like a drum!”). Trump strengthened NATO (“I hope everyone is able to remember that it was me, as President of the United States, that got delinquent NATO members to start paying their dues, which amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars”).

But the most peculiar aspect is Trump’s habit of using the passive voice. That is not a construction he employs frequently, but in this case, it serves his purpose of presenting Russia’s invasion as if it were a natural disaster — a tragedy that occurred naturally with no author or source of blame. He has used this device repeatedly.

February 22: “If properly handled, there was absolutely no reason that the situation currently happening in Ukraine should have happened at all.”

February 24: “If I were in Office, this deadly Ukraine situation would never have happened!”

March 1: “The RINOs, Warmongers, and Fake News continue to blatantly lie and misrepresent my remarks on Putin because they know this terrible war being waged against Ukraine would have never happened under my watch … There should be no war waging now in Ukraine, and it is terrible for humanity that Biden, NATO, and the West have failed so terribly in allowing it to start.”

March 15: “Now with what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine, among many other things, the great and wonderful people of Hungary need the continued strong leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban more than ever.” (Note that, among the NATO countries, Orbán has taken a uniquely pro-Russia stance. So Trump’s argument that “what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine” makes his election more important directly implies that Orbán’s refusal to support NATO’s response to the invasion makes him more valuable.)

Only once did Trump use an active-voice construction to identify Russia as the aggressor (“If the Election wasn’t Rigged … Russia would not have attacked Ukraine”). On every other occasion, he has relied on verbal contortions to mask its author.

Other Republican leaders have used direct language to describe the invasion. Mitch McConnell (“Putin’s initial aggression was just a small foretaste of what this thug had planned for Ukraine. Now we are watching his full brutality unfold”) and Kevin McCarthy (“Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is reckless and evil. The United States stands with the people of Ukraine and prays for their safety and resolve. Putin’s actions must be met with serious consequence”) have not felt the need to dance around Putin’s culpability.

Trump’s latest statement goes beyond this familiar passive voice and wonders openly why both countries have failed to settle their differences. “It doesn’t make sense that Russia and Ukraine aren’t sitting down and working out some kind of an agreement,” he muses, which would be true if you were starting from the premise that neither country intended to destroy the other. If you begin with the premise that Russia set out to subjugate its neighbor and Ukraine merely wishes to coexist peacefully, then the lack of diplomatic progress makes perfect sense.

Not long ago, Donald Trump tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” In a followup tweet he specifically referenced the “Second Amendment.” His deranged supporters apparently heard him loud and clear, because on Thursday they grabbed their assault rifles and stormed the Michigan state capitol building, under the guise of “protest.”

These people are domestic terrorists. The only reason they’re even still alive is that they’re white; otherwise law enforcement would have given them one warning and then shot them. Donald Trump is directly responsible for this domestic terrorist incident in Michigan. We’re all lucky that no one died in the incident. But in a month where Trump has already negligently gotten fifty-something thousand Americans murdered, that’s a small mercy.

For some reason, perhaps only because there was no body count, this Michigan domestic terrorist incident isn’t being clearly linked to Donald Trump’s tweet. As of yet there’s no mainstream media narrative demanding that he answer for the incident. Like the coward that he is, he won’t address it unless he’s forced to.

In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, when Donald Trump repeatedly mocked the way Puerto Ricans pronounce the name of their own territory, by any sane standards anywhere that ought to have been the whole ballgame right there. That ought to have been the effective end of the Donald Trump presidency. The rest should have been just a case of waiting for his term to end or his impeachment trial to begin.

2020 Election will be interesting

Not that there was anything unusual about the child rapist Trump sneering down from the superior comfort and safety and power of the presidency, mocking a country prostrated by devastation and poverty, a country reeling with the horror of death and tragedy. No, that was just business as usual in the Trump White House of 2017, and three years later we continue to allow ourselves to endure six impossibly asinine, destructive, gaslighting, intolerant, infantile and ignorant things before breakfast every day from this president. It has become a kind of wearying status quo, what Trump apologists refer to as “Trump being Trump.”

But lives were lost in Puerto Rico and it was and remains Trump’s fault. We are not dealing with a man with charming eccentricities, we are dealing with a psychopath, a narcissist, a man with an Idi Amin-sized ego who will lash out and kill people who fail to adequately appease that ego.

America has just passed the 100,000 mark in identified COVID-19 cases. America is riding the steepest curve in the world right now, one that is seeing its number of cases double every three or four days. That means in 12 to 16 days — that is, right around Easter — America will have at least a million coronavirus sufferers.

Meanwhile the child rapist just attacked Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for not being appreciative enough of him during the coronavirus crisis. “I think they should be appreciative,” Trump said during his daily White House briefing. Then in a staggering example of egomaniacal l’etat c’est moi Trump added, “When they’re not appreciative to me, they are not appreciative to the army corps. They are not appreciative to FEMA. It’s not right. If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.”

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, and I hope you’re sitting down for this, Donald Trump just threatened to murder tens of thousands of — Russians? Iraqis? North Koreans? No. — American citizens — because the governors of their state demonstrated substandard zeal when worshipping at the altar of this child rapist, because Jay Inslee and Gretchen Whitmer weren’t nice to him.

This is behavior that is simply beyond the pale of acceptability from anyone in power with a duty of care to their constituents, let alone the president of the United States. It’s conduct so egregious that anyone in any other similar situation would be immediately and ignominiously and summarily terminated for doing the same thing.

Meanwhile the child rapist, in an irresponsible lack of self-awareness and absent prudent social distancing, continues to range his smiling and nodding sycophants behind him at his press conferences. Every broadcaster on every station in America should be loudly, repeatedly and incessantly screaming for his resignation. We are not pawns to be sacrificed in a gambit in service to this child rapist’s ego, we are human beings. Our biggest viral threat right now is Donald Trump and the people who continue to tolerate and even promote this ignorant, self-dealing, narcissistic abortion of a regime. Donald Trump and his anti-science, hate-filled, criminal pirate ship must go. In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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