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Twitter forcibly deletes Rudy Giuliani’s latest deranged tweet

Yesterday we published an article titled “Rudy Giuliani is trying to get us all killed” in which we explained that Rudy was using his Twitter account to promote phony miracle cures for the coronavirus. It turns out we weren’t the only ones who saw the danger in what Giuliani was doing.

Rudy Giuliani

CNN is now confirming that Twitter has temporarily suspended Rudy Giuliani and another Trump stooge named Charlie Kirk for “violating the Twitter Rules regarding COVID-19 misinformation.” You can still see Rudy’s account and his tweets (with the exception of the offending tweets, which have been removed). This is as opposed to a permanent suspension, in which someone’s entire account vanishes.

What’s surreal is that Rudy Giuliani’s false miracle cure is essentially the same thing that Donald Trump has falsely touted on Twitter and in press conferences. It doesn’t appear that any action has been taken against Trump’s Twitter account, and his disastrous press conferences are still being aired live by major TV networks.

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