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What’s really going on with the Trump regime’s deranged handling of emergency medical supplies

Thanks to years of watching Donald Trump in action, we all know what incompetence looks like. Thanks to Trump, we also know what it looks like when the President of the United States is running a corrupt con game. But when you look at the chaotically, self-contradictorily incoherent manner in which the Trump regime is handling emergency medical supplies, I would suggest that we’re looking at something else entirely.

If the Trump regime just couldn’t be bothered to distribute the federal government’s medical supplies to the states, or didn’t understand the need to do so, what we would be seeing is, well, nothing. Put simply, not doing anything generally doesn’t involve a lot of action. That’s not what we’re seeing here.

If Trump were running a con game to try to personally profit from these medical supplies, we’d see a straightforward pattern for this as well. Trump’s cons are dastardly, but they’ve always been pretty straightforward in a brute force kind of way. That’s not what we’re seeing here, either.

What we’re seeing is a chaotic mess in which the Trump regime is selling supplies to private sector vendors who are then reselling them to states, even as the Trump regime gives and sells supplies to foreign governments, even as those same foreign governments sell supplies to the states, even as the Trump regime bids against the states in an effort to buy supplies from these vendors and governments.

There are at least four or five different kinds of cons being run here by the Trump regime, and some of these cons appear to be getting in each other’s way. This can’t all be the same con being run by the same person. The logical conclusion is that multiple criminals within the Trump regime are each running their own separate cons to try to personally benefit from the corrupt horse trading of medical supplies, as a half-senile Donald Trump just sits there and lets it happen. The Trump White House isn’t just a criminal syndicate. It’s now a fracturing crime syndicate with no crime boss, as Trump continues to suffer cognitive decline.

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