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The real reason Donald Trump isn’t holding a press conference today

Donald Trump keeps holding coronavirus press conferences each day, with each one being an uglier spectacle than the last. It’s gotten so bad that the cable news networks keep cutting away from portions of the press briefings, in order to correct the false information that Trump keeps spewing. Now, today, there isn’t going to be a press conference. So what’s going on?

It’s time to slowly take the car keys away from grandpa…

The White House announced around noon eastern time that there was going to be a full lid for the day, which means White House correspondents can go home, which means there won’t be a press conference today. Why not? Sure, Donald Trump could be sick, but there’s no evidence of this yet. Trump could also be sneaking out to play golf, but as of yet there’s no evidence of this either.

We should probably look to a more straightforward explanation. Yesterday, Trump’s babysitters sent him out there to read a highly conciliatory script, meaning they thought he needed to walk back his deranged behavior, for fear of his presidency slipping away from him. Instead, Trump ended up putting on his most profoundly deranged performance yet, cursing out the Inspector General and threatening to poison himself with a potentially fatal drug.

The most logical explanation here is that Donald Trump’s people convinced him not to do a press conference today because they were afraid he’d go even further over the edge with the cameras watching. That’s right, the President of the United States is an unhinged two year old whose diaper changers are putting him in timeout. Then again, Trump just tweeted that he “may or may not” hold a press conference later today, so it appears he’s already trying to fight back against his babysitters.

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