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B-1 Lancer Refuels Midair Then Makes KILLER Burner Break

B-1 Lancer Refuels Midair Then Makes KILLER Burner Break

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This Is Simply Beautiful.

For novice aviation fanatics, this video might seem a bit trivial. It’s just a plane refueling and then breaking off with some fancy “flare” in the back. For us here however, it’s a bit more than that. When you think about all that is going one, what planes these are and the importance of what they’re doing, this short video gets a whole other meaning.

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During an exercise over Utah, Air National Guard crews from the 191sth Air Refueling Squadron filled up a B-1 Lancer crew with their KC-135 Stratotanker. The Lancer flew in from Dyness Air Force Base, Texas and is part of the 28th Bomb Squadron.

This five minute video shows you how these guys operate and with what precision. The B-1 pulls up nice and easy while the boom operators do their thing. As you’ll be able to see, the Lancer has quite a beat up nose from doing this exact thing over and over again, but like we said, their training missions are crucial to our national security.

We thank all of you for your service!

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Is It As Exciting As You Think?

Am I the only who thinks of the pilots behind the controls of iconic war birds? I mean, how does it feel like to be maneuvering the aircraft? I’ve always been curious what goes on in ordinary and not-so-ordinary days. And now, we get the chance to take a peek into the daily life of an F/A-18 Hornet pilot. It’s true what he says, that most people think they simply get into their planes and fly as if that’s the only thing they do. Okay, I admit I’m one of those with the same misconception. It’s just hard to picture them behind the desk instead of being in the cockpit.

But no, it’s way more than that. There’s actually a lot of work that doesn’t entail soaring through the skies. If you think they don’t do paperwork, then think again. They even train other pilots. They pretty much do a lot of things before gearing up for flights. But at the end of the day, no matter how much work they do, their passion for aviation still tops it all.

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Would you like to become a fighter pilot?

Bucket List For Pilots | Loungtastic

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1) Aerobatic Flying

Straight-and-level flight is nice, but seeing the world upside-down is unforgettable.


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2) Complex Aircraft

While you may never need a complex aircraft rating, it's a worthwhile experience nonetheless. Find a local instructor to try it out. But please, don't forget to lower the landing gear!


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D. Miller

3) Gliding

Flying without an engine is not only peaceful and quiet, gliding teaches you some excellent flying skills. You'll learn about using thermals and air currents to your advantage.


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4) Tailwheel Aircraft

A majority of newly minted pilots have never trained on tailwheel aircraft. Not only are they fun, but they'll improve your rudder and overall aircraft handling skills.


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Aleksander Markin

5) IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions)

We're not just talking about "hood time," this is the real deal. Flying into IMC is the greatest cause of death for private pilots. Try an IMC flight with an instrument instructor to see why getting your instrument rating is TOTALLY worth it.

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6) Oxygen Use

You'll be getting pretty close to the flight levels if you're using oxygen. Having an oxygen-required flight is a must for any pilot who wants to fly where the air is thin.


7) Class B Airport

Are your radio skills ready for a Class B airport? Flying a light aircraft into the pattern with dozens commercial airliners isn't easy, but it sure makes you feel like the captain of your aircraft.


8) Seaplanes

Sure, we love airports, but sometimes it's just more fun to land somewhere a little less crowded. Who's ready for a beach trip?



  9) Mountain Flying

It's as challenging as it is beautiful. Make sure you're experienced and comfortable before a flight into and over mountains. Oh yeah… And don't forget to enjoy those views!


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