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Chris Wallace rips Donald Trump’s idiot Surgeon General to shreds

Chris Wallace may be the only half worthwhile journalist on FOX.

As Donald Trump’s coronavirus crisis has continued to worsen, his handpicked Surgeon General Jerome Adams keeps finding new ways to embarrass himself. Either Adams is an idiot in his own right, or he’s decided to go ahead and portray himself as an idiot in order to remain on Trump’s good side. Either way, it came to a head today when Adams appeared on Fox News with host Chris Wallace.

If the Surgeon General thought he could get a free pass by going on Fox News, he made a big mistake by agreeing to be interviewed by Chris Wallace, the only real journalist on the network. Adams tried to downplay the severity of the coronavirus death toll by comparing it to 9/11 and smoking-related deaths.

Chris Wallace was having none of it. Three times as many Americans have already died in the coronavirus debacle than died on 9/11, so it’s a bizarre comparison that insults the memories of those lost in both tragedies. Wallace also refuted Adams by pointing out that smoking is a risk that some people voluntary take, while numerous people have been exposed to coronavirus without their knowledge and through no fault of their own.

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