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Should you date your trainer?

Maybe it’s the acres of sweaty flesh and rippling muscles, maybe it’s the coursing endorphins, the thumping music and skin-tight outfits… or, more likely, we’re all just dirty bar-stewards. Whatever it is, there’s something about the intimacy of a personal training session that can bring out the flirt in you.

But what happens if you do pull more than a muscle? Is it ever OK to date your personal trainer or vice versa? You told us your stories. We sniggered (and came to no scientific conclusion whatsoever).
*Some names have been changed for the sake of dignity

No, dating your PT is worse than splitting your pants on the squat rack

“Crushing on my personal trainer meant saying ‘sayonara self-respect’. I’m a grown women but I morphed into a giggly, simpering mess. I got up early to do my make-up before each session – just to sweat it off again. I had a teenage strop about burpees and fell off a rowing machine… I even baked for him FFS!

“When he announced he was changing gyms I plucked up the courage to tell him just how much I fancied him. While I’d like to say we ran off into the sunset, I told him at his leaving do when I was totally hammered so have absolutely no idea what he said.”

“Clients can be flirty. Very flirty”

“I’m sure it works for some people, but dating a client isn’t for me. That said, I can totally see how it happens. Clients can be flirty. Very flirty. And there’s often a lot of hands-on contact on the trainer’s part. But don’t mistake that for flirting back – sorry, but usually it’s just part of the job.”
Jonny Jacobs, Unbound’s in-house PT

“It was only when I started dating my personal trainer that I realised one of the things I fancied most about him – his, admittedly, ripped physique – was also the thing he fancied most about himself.

“When he wasn’t in the gym working, he was in there working out. He’d spend hours posing for selfies and was always on some ridiculous diet that involved eating wild buffalo and dinosaur eggs or whatever – no meals in restaurants or drinks down the pub for us. Eventually it all just fizzled out but hey, at least I got a few free training sessions out of it.”

Yes, dating your PT is a one-way ticket to the love gym

“My personal trainer is not only fit, she’s also ridiculously hot, and I don’t mind admitting I’ve got a massive crush on her. I’ve found my unrequited love is actually very beneficial for training – I go to the gym more often, train harder and lift heavier in a vain attempt to impress her.

“So far it hasn’t worked. Probably a good thing, I reckon she’d eat me for breakfast.”

It’s all a bit 50 Shades, taking orders from your boyfriend

“Is dating your personal trainer a good idea? Well, I’ve been married to mine for five years! When I joined a new gym I was given a complimentary training session with him and it was obvious we both thought the other was a bit of alright. Neither of us acted on it at first but we found ourselves a bit tipsy (okay, more than a bit) at the gym Christmas party about six weeks later, had a cheeky snog under the mistletoe and took things from there.

“I did find it hard to train with him after we started dating though – it’s all a bit 50 Shades taking orders from your boyfriend – so I sacked him and got a new PT. A female one instead.”

“I think dating your personal trainer is a brilliant idea. But I would say that, I am one! I’ve been out with a couple of my clients and it hasn’t caused a problem. For starters there’s none of that awkward ‘getting to know you’ stage – people love to talk in sessions so you’ve already found out loads about them.

“You’ve usually got a shared interest in fitness so you can work out together at weekends, and, hey, you’re training them, so you know they’re going to look hot!”

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